About 404 Brewing Company

404 Brewing Company

Started by an IT nerd seeking to take his talents beyond the keyboard and into something creative, hands-on, and drinkable.

During his time at Florida State University, Ricky Basen, Founder of 404 Brewing, floated the idea of opening a brewing company. Upon his graduation in 2017, Ricky moved to the well-established beer scene in Atlanta, Georgia. There he sought after the latest and greatest local brews the city provided. A few too many beers later, he thought to take his passion for beer into his own hands. 

Why 404? It is the primary Atlanta area code and also the error code one is returned when there is a miscommunication between the browser and server when attempting to get to a specific web page. 

404 Brewing is currently a homebrewery with sights set on a full brick and mortar brewery in the coming years... stay tuned!


Ricky - Founder, 404 Brewing Company